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Prefabricated Pipework

Our Fabrication Department works mainly in four areas:

1. Manifolds (Bespoke and Standard)
2. Circular Coils
3. Flat Coils
4. Custom-made pipework

1.Manifold Making

Our special manifold making machine uses TIG to weld the branches onto the main body. The manifolds are always pickled to remove weld scale and pressure tested individually. They can be degreased if required.

Although the standard design of the manifolds are as tabulated below using thin-walled tubing to BS EN 10312:2002 (formally BS4127), any manifold can be supplied to the architect’s or customer’s requirements. Schedule pipe sizes can be substituted for thin-walled tube if required for higher working pressures.

Standard Manifolds

The following table gives a list of our standard manifolds. However, we make a wide range of variants for our clients

Diameter of main tube
BSP Thread
Number of Branches
Working Pressure
2″ BSP taper
up to 26
40 bar
1 1/2″ BSP taper
up to 22
55 bar
1 1/4″ BSP taper
up to 18
55 bar
1″ BSP taper
up to 14
55 bar

Manifolds are becoming widely used for water distribution in high-rise buildings. By having a standard manifold at each floor level, water can readily be distributed to each individual apartment.

2.Circular Coils

We supply stainless steel coils in tubing from 6mm to 54mm diameter with a radius of curvature up to infinity (These get a bit big, so delivery can present problems!).

3.Flat Coils

These are made from 180° return bends, with one leg up to 2.5m long. We call these “walking stick bends”. A series of walking stick bends can be joined together, usually by TIG welding, either by using a straight capillary coupling or by being supplied with a socket pre-fabricated in the long leg to take the next walking stick bend.

4.Custom-made pipework

Manufacturers in the dairy and food industry often find it is more efficient to purchase pipework from Lancashire Fittings, made to the client’s specification.

Other equipment makers involving liquids or gases, use Lancashire Fittings to produce the pipework for the client to fix to his equipment. Numbers vary from 1 prototype to over 1000 off.

The following photos show a selection of prefabricated pipework that we have carried out for clients:-

Octagonal manifold

Octagonal manifold

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger

Special avation manifold

Special aviation manifold

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