SnapKwik® fittings have been developed to meet the requirements of the mechanical installation industry for both new build and maintenance, they offer a completely unique joining system for stainless steel pipes with none of the disadvantages associated with systems currently available
This is a patented product, WRAS approved and, is new to the European market.

Kai-Tak-Cruise-Terminal_Foster_pM-2    DSC02952a
The pictures show SnapKwik® pipework we have installed at the new cruise ship terminal at Kai Tak in Hong Kong and you can see more detail of the fittings by following these links:

SK-I (SnapKwik®) Installation Advantages

1. Burr free cutting of tube

2. Two joints produced with each tube cut

3. Two seals in every fitting for extra security

4. Fitting is demountable and re-usable

5. No hot work involved with joint preparation or assembly

6. All joints can be prepared on the bench with a push together action all that is necessary to complete the join in-situ

7. Any angular misalignment is eliminated due to the pipes/fittings being able to rotate

8. Threaded accessories can be installed with ease due to the rotatable nature of the fittings

9. Pipework modifications are simple due to the demountable design of the fittings

10. Small maintenance jobs can be done using a cutting and grooving hand tool