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Pipe Couplings

The wide range of pipe couplings and repair clamps have many benefits over conventional methods of joining pipes due to their competitive price and rapid fitting time.

All the couplings consist of a flexible rubber sleeve held in place by a moveable stainless steel casing, which is clamped tight using two (or sometimes three) integral nuts and bolts.

Sizes are available for tube or pipe from 21mm up to 3000mm outside diameter. The working pressure varies from 18bar to 3.5bar (for the very large fittings).

The coupling can be used to join metallic or non-metallic pipes (or even a mixture). Misalignment of the pipes up to 5° can be accepted.

The rubber sleeve normally supplied is made of EPDM which is ideal for water, air or steam up to 140°C. For details of other materials contact [sales@aljon.co.uk]

Selection of types
There are 4 different designs, each with a standard version (with 2 retaining bolts) and a long version (with 3 bolts).

1. Multi-Flex, a simple clamp to join two pieces of pipe. As this fitting has a low pull-out strength, the pipes being joined must be clamped in position.

2. Grip-ring is the same as the simple clamp but with a stainless steel gripping ring at each end giving higher pull-out strength; no other clamping is necessary

3. Hinged repair clamp, used as a permanent repair clamped over a leak in a pipe

4. 2-part type repair clamp, for use where space is restricted

Larger Couplings
Couplings can be supplied for pipe up to 3000mm outside diameter.
For details of prices ring ‘sales’ on 0161 628 7800

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