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Press Fittings

Every press fitting has an elastomeric O-ring located near each open end to make a seal onto tubing. The tubing is first pushed into the fitting: the O-ring is designed to be a loose push-fit on the tubing. A permanent seal is then made using a special clamp, which presses three projections onto the fitting, thus permanently deforming the end of the fitting. After pressing, the rubber O-ring is clamped tightly between the tube and the fitting making a permanent leak-free joint.

The Pressing Tool

The electrically powered tool, with various sizes of clamps, is available from Lancashire Fittings, either to hire by the week or to purchase.

The Cost
Capillary fittings are cheaper than the equivalent press fittings, but the cost of installing the press fittings is much less.
Press fittings are considerably cheaper than the equivalent compression fittings

The Tubing
The recommended tubing to be used with the Lancashire press fittings is to the standard DIN 17455

The Range
Press fittings are available from stock over the range 15mm to 108mm.

Pressure Rating
Up to 16bar is recommended across the range.

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