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Tube and Pipe

1. Thin-walled tubing

Lancashire Fittings specialises in stainless steel thin-walled tubing to BS EN 10312:2002 (formally BS4127). This has been called “metric water tubing” and large stocks are held in Harrogate, UK.

It can be supplied in grade 1,4301 (304) and grade 1.4401 (316), in the sizes given in the table. This tubing is longitudinally welded and has an attractive satin finish.

This is supplied in 3-metre lengths (or in 6-metre lengths by arrangement).

Prices quoted are for 3-metre lengths in grade 316. If grade 304 is required please contact our sales department at sales@lancashirefittings.com

Outside Diameter (mm)
Wall Thickness (mm) Part Number Prices on request
6 0.6 TWT316-S- 6
8 0.6 TWT316-S- 8
10 0.6 TWT316-S-10
12 0.6 TWT316-S-12
15 0.6 TWT316-S-15
18 0.7 TWT316-S-18
22 0.7 TWT316-S-22
28 0.8 TWT316-S-28
35 1.0 TWT316-S-35
42 1.1 TWT316-S-42
54 1.2 TWT316-S-54


2. Tubing for Press Fittings

 The recommended tubing for use with press fittings has a thicker wall than that of the thin-walled tubing listed above : it is made by longitudinally welding grade 316L stainless steel to DIN 17455.

Again, this is supplied in 3-metre lengths (or in 6-metre lengths by arrangement).

Size (O.D.) (mm) Wall (mm) Part Number
Prices on request
15 1.0 ODT316L-W-D-15(1)
22 1.5 ODT316L-W-D-22(1.2)
28 1.2 ODT316L-W-D-28(1.2)
28 1.5 ODT316L-W-D-28(1.5)
35 1.5 ODT316L-W-D-35(1.5)
42 1.5 ODT316L-W-D-42(1.5)
54 1.5 ODT316L-W-D-54(1.5)

3. Seamless Tubing

A wide range of metric and imperial size tubing is held in stock.

4. Thick-walled Pipe – scheduled sizes

Imperial nominal bore sizes are available in types 304, 304L, 316, 316L and 321 in welded or seamless form as shown below. This pipe can only be supplied in random 6-metre lengths.

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